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Windows Defender

Windows Defender1.285.541.0

Spyware protection for free

A redesigned and simplified user interface Improved detection and removal Protection for all users Support for 64-bit platforms and accessibility Delta definition updates Free Limited Support WGA enforcement
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  • Amit Kumar

    by Amit Kumar

    nice. so much. great window defender app it is it is best security app.

  • Rattan Lal Bhat

    by Rattan Lal Bhat

    Working satisfactorily for several years> Solved many problems. Most importantly no complex operations involved

  • Hisham Shallah

    by Hisham Shallah

    I used to use another antivirus but after recommended by friends I intend to try the defender

  • by Anonymous

    Windows Defender is better than others virus protection software.. I think that windows defender is best for the protection of computer from viruses. It increase the performance. Pros: Performance. Cons: It should be as that if it having, no need others software.

  • Marie Wettlaufer

    by Marie Wettlaufer

    I am grateful for your help. Would be grateful to have it put on my computer.Scared of hackers. Been hacked before and went through to a lot to have it corrected.

  • by Anonymous

    iT´S gREAT. I have used it and it is very impressive. using windows defender i cleared a malware installed on my computer. Cons: NOTHING

  • by Anonymous

    just a new interface really. New name, but more or less the same as Windows Antispyware. I don't really trust the real time protection. For that I prefer paying for a full suite that will really do the job. This program is a bit of a mess to install, what saves it is that it is (luckily) completely free. Seems to update regularly too. I'll leave it on just in case, but definitely won't rely on it More