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Free Malware Protection Created by Microsoft

Surfing the web can open the door for hackers and sniffers to get your personal information and sell them online. Thus, you need constant vigilance whenever you use the internet. For extra protection, Microsoft has created a program that will keep you safe against online threats such as phishing emails and malicious websites. Windows Defender is a browser extension that offers security against harmful sites. 

Security and Privacy 

Windows Defender is one of the quietest malware programs. This software prefers to work in silence and behind the scene. Like most antivirus programs, it scans your system to detect known malware signatures and signs of infection. Suspicious items are then uploaded to a cloud-based lab for analysis. But users can opt out of this data collecting process by deselecting Automatic Sample Submission. 

Besides protecting your system for infections, Windows Defender has the ability to prevent malware from entering your computer system. It protects you from websites designed to trick you into downloading and installing harmful software. 

Windows Defender will check every website you visit and see if it can bring harm to your computer. Microsoft has a list of known malicious websites that are constantly updated, so they can thoroughly check if the links you visit are safe. Once the link you have visited matches one on the list, Windows Defender will issue a red warning letting you know that the web you are about to visit is harmful. It will then give you a clear path back to safety with one click.

Windows Defender does not use browser extensions that shares your browsing data with other parties. This way, you are sure that the information you have provided will not be shared or sold online. Its built-in firewall runs independently as does its smart, malicious website blocking feature. All attachments to email are automatically scanned, regardless of the email software used. More, Windows Defenders' harm indicators are in real-time, so you are sure that no malicious website can access your computer. 

User Interface

Windows Defender can be managed under the Windows Defender Security Center together with other Windows features. This security center is organized around seven sections with each section bearing a green check mark that changes to yellow or red exclamation points when something is wrong or requiring an action. 

These sections divide Windows Defender’s features and let you customize each feature instead of the whole program. However, since the features are divided, it will take you longer to get to the full scan or quick scan option. While most antivirus lets you scan in three clicks, it will take at least eight clicks for the Windows Defender to start a full scan, and seven for a quick scan. But, while it will need more action, this setup gives the security center a more common and open look with many of its features can be turned off and on

Bottom Line

There may be a plethora of reliable third-party AV software out there, but Windows Defender has proven itself a viable antivirus option. It protects your PC with little system impact and is the easiest to get started with. And while the malware landscape is always shifting, you can be sure that this program will keep an eye for malicious and harmful software. 


  • Small System Impact
  • Constantly Updated Malicious URL List
  • Simple and Straightforward Program
  • Real-Time Indicators


  • Few Extra Features
  • Not Always Easy to Manage
  • Takes Longer to Start Full or Quick Scans
  • Does Not Have Scheduled Scans

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Windows Defender for Web Apps

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.0
  • 4.4
  • (94)
  • Security Status

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